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Poster: J.B. Nicholson Date: Mar 30, 2007 2:30pm
Forum: forums Subject: How to make a FLAC Fingerprinting .txt file on the command line with almost any OS

It looks like the format of the fingerprinting.txt file is simple:


for each FLAC file in the set of files.

You could use metaflac on the command line to do this job with a Unix shell (like bash). I believe Cygwin ( and an installation of FLAC software ( has an installer) will do for this as well on Microsoft Windows.

Open a shell window and "cd" to wherever you keep your FLAC files and run a command for each FLAC file (the "$ " is the prompt):

$ cd where-you-keep-the-FLAC-files
$ ( for f in *.flac ; do echo "${f}":$(metaflac --show-md5sum "${f}") ; done ) >fingerprinting.txt

(that second line is one long line).

You'll be left with a file called "fingerprinting.txt" which is the file you wanted to generate. If that file exists, executing that second line will overwrite the file with new data.